New Pictures of Our House!

Here are some new pictures of our house! We still have quite a bit left to decorate. Most of the walls are bare, but I thought I'd show you our progress since we moved in.

This is the new entry table we bought.


Living room

The fireplace. We're trying to find something to put on the other side of the mantle.


Dining room

The guest bedroom. We still need a comforter and bed skirt.

Guest bathroom

Our bedroom

Our bathroom


Garden bathtub


Not Our Weekend To Buy Furniture

Jason and I have been looking to buy an entertainment center. We've pretty much gone to all the furniture stores in Lubbock! We found one at Oak Express we really liked. After sitting on it for a few weeks and looking at a few other furniture stores, we decided to buy the one at Oak Express. So we go in the store, look at the entertainment center one more time, and tell the salesman we want to buy it. It's a 4-piece set and we think we understand what is included in the price. The salesman decides to go over it with us so we know for sure what 4 pieces are sold in the set. Turns out, you get the two towers with shelves that sit on the sides, the very top shelf and the tiny, little slab of wood that sits underneath the top shelf.

What's missing? The base TV stand! Which would be another $300-500 more! So we decided not to get the entertainment center. To help ease our disappointment, we decided to get an entry table we found at Kirkland's earlier that day. Jason and I loaded the semi-heavy table into our car and took it home. Jason cut the box open and we lifted the table out. All of a sudden, we heard a cracking sound. The base of the table was stuck in the styrofoam and was being ripped off the bottom of the table. So Jason called Kirkland's to tell them about the bottom coming off the table. They said they would refund us $50 or we could exchange for a new one. So we loaded the table back in the car, man-handled it through the doors of Kirkland's (while employees watched and didn't help hold the door), and asked for a new table. This time, they took the table out of the box and let us look at it. We got back to our house and put it in the entry where it looks great! We love it!

However, we are still looking for an entertainment center...!