New York

Jason and I took a vacation to New York last month. Before we went to New York, we flew to Dallas to spend some time with my family. While we were there, we toured the new Dallas Cowboy's stadium. Yes, it really is that big! We were able to see the locker room, one of the suites, the press box and the club where the players run through to go to the field.

This picture was taken in one of the suites. The field wasn't down because they were doing some work on the stadium.

This was taken in the Miller Lite Club where the players run through at the start of the game.

After spending the weekend with my family, we were on our way to New York! Our first dinner in New York was at an Italian restaurant, La Bottega.

After that, we went to Madison Square Garden and Times Square.

The next day we went to the Today Show and then toured NBC studios. We saw Brian Williams' studio, the Saturday Night Live studio (which is much smaller than I imagined) and Jimmy Fallon's studio.

After that, we walked around Rockefeller Plaza and then walked up and down 5th Avenue. In the afternoon, we went to Late Night With Jimmy Fallon. We got lucky and were able to sit on the front row! It was really fun to see all the behind-the-scenes stuff, like how they transition between commercial breaks and how a make-up artist touches up Jimmy Fallon's face constantly.

We went to the Statue of Liberty the next morning.

This was my favorite part of the trip. I was so excited to see the Statue of Liberty and tour it. We bought tickets online to go all the way to the crown. I had read that you have to be able to climb about 30 flights of stairs to get to the top. I kind of thought, Oh they just say that; there's probably an elevator. Boy, was I wrong! We had to walk up all 30 flights on a tiny spiral staircase to get to the crown.

But once we were there, it was worth it. The views were amazing! Of course, we also had to walk all the way down the 30 flights too!

This picture looks a little weird because it was kind of rainy and it's taken from a window in the Statue's crown.

We went to Little Italy and ate at a pizza shop called Lombardi's which was probably the best pizza I've ever had! They say Lombardi's had the first pizza oven in the United States.

We also saw Chinatown, SoHo, TriBeca, the Financial District and Grand Central Station. We walked through a lot of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, but that place is so huge we couldn't see it all.

And, of course, we went to Serendipity and had their famous frozen hot chocolate–which was amazing!

We had our picture taken at the same table where the movie was filmed.

One of our favorite places in New York was Central Park. We walked all the way around the Jacquelyn Kennedy Reservoir and saw a beautiful sunset.

Jason and I had such a fun time in New York. We would love to go back one day!



"I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go; I will counsel you and watch over you." -Psalm 32:8

I receive an e-mail devotional every day. One of the devotionals earlier this week told a story about a woman who went to Bible College. She said while she was in class, a student asked the professor, "How do you know God's will?" The professor thought about the question for a minute and then responded, "If you want God's will with all of your heart, He won't let you miss it."

I think that sometimes it's easy to be impatient and do your own will, rather than waiting on God's will. Many times we don't surrender everything either. It's scary to just let go. But if we truly desire God's will for us, we have to surrender, we have to wait and we have to seek Him. That's where I am right now. Except I sometimes worry and stress instead of fully surrendering; I sometimes try to plan the future instead of waiting for God's timing; and I sometimes try to figure things out on my own instead of seeking God first.

But it'll come. Everything will fall into place. God will speak. He always does!