I’m back. Back from Galveston (well, it’s been a week, but who’s counting). Back from not blogging. Back to being sick. Let me rewind and catch you up a little.

I went to Galveston last week for a work conference. Unfortunately, it rained and was overcast the whole time, but it was still nice seeing the beach. It seems like Galveston has changed a lot since I was a kid. I remember so many more shops up and down the seawall. I think Hurricane Ike is to blame for that one.

Jason had a cold about three weeks ago. I guess because we’re married and supposed to share everything, he so kindly gave it to me two weeks ago. Then I was fine for a week. Now I think I’m having really bad allergies so I’ve stayed home from work for a day and a half trying to get better.

Which brings me to my confession. Two friends each had a confession on their blog, so I figured since we’re all in Problems Anonymous together (shout out to Kylee and Jacquelyn!), it’s my turn. Hello, my name is Diana and I constantly keep myself busy, and I have a hard doing nothing.

As I mentioned, I’m staying home from work because I’m sick. There are plenty of reasons as to why people stay at home when they’re sick: 1) So you don’t get other people sick – I think mine is just allergies, but who wants to hear me sneeze and blow my nose 438,629 times a day? 2) You’re not usually thinking 100% clearly because you don’t feel well and 3) To rest your body so you will heal faster. I have a problem with the last one.

Since being at home, I’ve written two press releases for work, finished all the laundry that I neglected to do for the past two weeks (sorry, Jason, for not having anything to wear), did the dishes that were piling up, took out the overflowing trash, worked on the wedding program I’m doing for my cousin, folded and hung up all the laundry, and now, writing a new blog post. Why—you might ask—don’t I just watch mind-numbing daytime television or 8 hours of Lost today? Or why not just take naps all day? Or why not stay in bed and rest? Because I always have to do. I always have to stay busy. I think my problem is good and bad. I’ll never be lazy, procrastinate or become unreliable. I put too much pressure on myself to get things done. But at the same time, I sometimes refuse to let myself relax, especially when I need it most – like now, when I’m sick.

So I think I’ll turn over a new leaf. I’m going to stay on the couch and watch Lost (have I mentioned how much I love that show?? I think I have! By the way, I’m on season 5. Yay for me!) for the rest of the day. Well, unless something for work comes up that I need to do…and after the last load of laundry is finished drying and put away…

Hey, don’t judge. For me, that’s making progress…




No, I Did Not...

...send an email this week to our local county fair because their Web site frustrated me. A majority of the links available to click on don't work, and it's been like this for at least the past two years. I did not express my opinion about the importance of maintaining and properly-working Web sites, and how poorly maintained and improperly-working Web sites diminish the organization's reputation and validity.

...literally almost fall asleep at a luncheon yesterday. The presentation was about the status of banks in America and how the economic downturn has affected banking. As my eyes were not fluttering and threatening to close, I learned where banking has been, is now, and will be in the future. This kind of information is far too important for me to know as I continue my career in advertising.

...cut a chunk of my hair a few months ago, and now it's really bothering me as it grows back. It seems as though the hair in one particular section on my head grows a little thicker than the rest. It was bothering me one day so I decided to thin it a little. No, I did not accidentally cut a chunk of hair that probably ended up being half an inch long. Now it's growing back and getting even more annoying!

...spend all morning of my day off today browsing random Web sites and writing a blog post while neglecting to do all the things I told myself I would do like the dishes, making a grocery list, cleaning the bathroom, vacuuming, etc. I always prioritize my tasks, and I never get sidetracked!


Love/Hate Relationship

My mom found this antique plant stand for me earlier this year. I loved it!

Isn't it cute? It fits just perfectly in our hallway.

I decided to make the plant stand my summer project and paint it. It took me awhile to decide what color, but I finally settled on doing a faux crackle finish. I've never done that before, but I thought, how hard could it be?

So I started on this table back in late June. I painted it tan, the color I wanted the cracks to be.

After buying two or three crackle finishes, testing them and finally finding one that I liked (I wanted the porcelain crack, not the weathered crack), I put the crackle finish on top. It cracked beautifully. I was pretty impressed with myself.

Here's where the pictures stop for awhile. The back of the crackle finish bottle said to paint your top color next, which was a nice chocolate brown. So I tried it on the underside of the table first. I didn't like it. It looked like leather–not what I wanted. After researching for awhile, I bought a glaze. The picture in the brochure for the glaze was just what I wanted! I tried that on another part of the underside. Again, I didn't like it. I decided I didn't like the table now. I put it in the corner of the laundry room and didn't touch it for awhile.

After about a month, I got over being mad at the plant stand. I decided to sand the crackle, redo it and paint it chocolate brown.

Again, the pictures stopped. I got mad at the plant stand. It was nothing like I had imagined. So I put it back in my laundry room. I contemplated giving it way or throwing it in the Dumpster.

But I didn't.

Instead, it sat there...

...until I woke up one Saturday morning in late August and decided I was ready to face the table again.

I realized the paint colors were part of the problem–the tan was too similar to our wall color and the chocolate brown was too chocolate brown and bland.

So I mixed them and made a dusty chocolaty brown.

I researched other faux textures. I found one using tissue paper that sounded really easy. I decided to try it.

I painted the table (yet again) the tan color (for a second time). Then I crumpled a piece of tissue paper and wrapped it around the legs; I did the same thing for the top. I used my new dusty brown color and painted over the tissue paper.

It looked like a brown paper lunch sack wrapped around the table. I didn't really like it. I contemplated throwing the table in the Dumpster again.

But I didn't.

Instead, I changed my mind–again.

I decided to see what it would look like if I painted the tan below and on top of the tissue paper. Surprise, surprise...I didn't like that either. So I redid that leg and stuck with the dusty brown.

I went out on a limb and tried the glaze (again). This time, I used cheesecloth. When I first tried the glaze, I had used an old T-shirt–which could've been part of the problem before.

I was very surprised and pretty pleased with the result. I actually liked it! So I kept going. I added two top coats of a clear sealer. My love/hate relationship with this plant stand came to an end–finally!

Now my plant stand is sitting pretty in the hallway.

I realize from afar in the picture it still somewhat resembles a brown paper lunch sack, but up close it's perfect!