Weekend Wrap-Up

This weekend was crazy busy. My good friend and co-worker, Abie, had her wedding this weekend. She asked me about 16 months ago when she got engaged if I would help coordinate her wedding. So I coordinated her fiancĂ©’s Tool Shower, Abie’s Kitchen Shower, General Shower, Lingerie Shower and Work Shower. I also helped her make the bridemaids’ bouquets. She wanted ribbon bouquets instead of live flowers. The bouquets turned out beautifully! (Sorry for all the bad pictures – they were taken from a phone)

I took a half-day off from work on Friday because Abie scheduled all of her bridesmaids, mom and me to get a pedicure. It was a lot of fun. It’s been so long since I’ve had a pedicure, so it was nice to get pampered! That night was Abie's rehearsal and rehearsal dinner.

Bright and early Saturday morning, Jason and I met Abie and Lance, the wedding party and both families at the building where the wedding and reception was to be held. It started out as a completely empty room. We pulled out all the tables, organized them, put the chairs out, decorated the tables, put chair ties on the chairs, set up the sign-in table and picture table, put decals on the windows, etc. I even helped make the altar arrangements.

In the early afternoon, Jason and I ran home to change and clean up. When we came back, we helped with some of the final decorating touches.

Abie designated me as the coordinator for the whole wedding so I had to make sure all the family and groomsmen had their corsages and boutonnieres, I told everyone when to start walking down the aisle, I told the musicians when to start and stop playing, I gathered everyone for pictures, etc. It was crazy! I was really nervous, but had fun. Everything seemed to go smoothly, so I was really glad.

This picture was taken while I was passing out the boutonnieres. See the tray on the table next to me? By the way, boutonnieres are really hard to pin on people. I had such a hard time!

Sunday was Jessica's graduation breakfast at church. Last week, I had been making centerpieces and decorations for her table. Jason's mom and his brother's girlfriend set up the table on Saturday since I was helping with the wedding. When I got to the breakfast on Sunday, I made three small floral arrangements (for the vases below) for her table. The breakfast was nice. They had a picture slideshow of all the seniors growing up.

I spray painted the pot below, wrapped ribbon around the top and added buttons to accent. I cut out letters to spell out "Jessica" and "Frenship" – her high school. We put a tree branch inside (secured by river rocks) and hung pictures of Jessica and some of her awards from the limbs. Kathy added blue and yellow flowers at the bottom to hide the rocks. I also used cans as vases. I wrapped scrapbook paper and ribbons around them. At the breakfast, I put blue and yellow flowers in them.

And finally, on Sunday afternoon I went to my friend's baby shower. What a weekend! Next weekend: another wedding and Jessica's graduation!


Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday To You…

Today is my sister’s birthday.

Andrea always makes me laugh.

Happy Birthday To You…

She has great decorating taste.

She loves cupcakes, shopping, flirting, reading magazines, playing games and cooking.

Happy Birthday, Dear Andrea…

She is a great listener, baker, supporter, advice-giver and dancer.

She is beautiful inside and out.

Happy Birthday To You!

Have a wonderful birthday, Andrea! Love you lots!


Golf, Ducks and Crafts

Last week, Jason took me to a driving range. I've never played "real" golf before–only Putt-Putt. I've never used "real" golf clubs before–again, only Putt-Putt clubs. And I've never tried to really hit the golf ball and drive it down the green (did I say that right, or did I just put a bunch of golfing words together to make it sound good?). Anyway, it was a perfect, sunny and warm evening with no wind. We picked a spot on the very end of the driving range. I guess Jason assumed I would need a lot of room–which was a safe assumption.

We set all of our clubs and golf balls down, and Jason showed me the basics of how to swing the club. It wasn't quite as romantic as you see in the movies. I think since we were on the end of the driving range and a majority of the golfers there were right-handed so they could easily look up and watch us, Jason didn't want to be too sentimental and look like a softie. So my golf lesson was quick, straight to the point, and I'll "figure it out" as I go.

A majority of the balls I hit didn't go very far, but that turned out to be a good thing! Once we were out of balls, we discreetly stepped across the rope barrier, collected the ones that didn't go anywhere and we tried again. Well, I shouldn't say "we" tried again because it was really me who put the balls there in the first place. I got a second chance to hit the balls farther than I did the first time and Jason just kept practicing and being the studly golfer he is!

I do feel sorry for the people who have to maintain the driving range. I might have made a bunch of holes in the ground from the many times I missed the ball and hit the ground instead. That was another good reason we were on the end of the range. I made so many holes, I constantly had to find a new spot to put my tee in the ground.

We had a lot of fun at the driving range, and I don't think I embarrassed Jason too much with my bad swings and holes in the ground!

My family came to visit us for Mother's Day this past weekend. It was so nice seeing them. I miss them so much! The girls went shopping–as is tradition when my family visits–and the guys went to a few museums and manly stores. Jason made a wonderful brisket for dinner on Saturday night. We also celebrated my sister's upcoming birthday with red velvet cupcakes. It was really nice seeing my family again. Next month we are going to Colorado with my parents and I can't wait!

We also celebrated Mother's Day with Jason's family on Sunday. We met them for lunch and had pizza with his mom's favorite crust–honey wheat! Jason's brother bought the biggest card for their mom and somehow managed to slip it underneath the tablecloth all the way over to her. It was pretty funny!

After lunch, Jason and I grabbed some day-old bread from the restaurant and fed the geese and ducks at a nearby park. I didn't know the geese could hiss! I really thought one of them was going to attack us to get the bread faster. Luckily, just as we ran out of bread, another car drove up and started feeding the birds. We laughed as we watched the ducks waddle-run as fast as they could to the new people so they could eat.

Jason's mom, Kathy, and I went to Hobby Lobby and Wal-Mart Monday night. A certain someone (Jason's sister, Jessica) is graduating from high school and having a certain something (graduation celebration breakfast at church) that we are coming up with ideas on how to decorate her table. I finished a few of the decorations Tuesday night. (I might just post pictures after the breakfast because I think it turned out pretty cute!) I still have a few more things to make. I just love do-it-yourself crafts!

And now, I think you're just about caught up with everything!