Hypothetically Thinking

Hypothetically thinking, if a husband and wife decide to go out for the night to play a card game (let's just say this hypothetical game was called Hand and Foot, which hypothetically is a lot of fun) with their friends, and said husband and wife stay out all night leaving their puppy at home, there hypothetically could have been a puddle awaiting them on the laundry room floor. Luckily, for this scenario, that hypothetical situation didn't happen–this time. But hypothetically, since husband and wife stayed out all night, said puppy was probably sleeping most of that time. When husband and wife returned home, they played with puppy to wear him out–especially sweet husband–but had no luck. This hypothetical puppy was full of energy and wanted to play for a long time.

Hypothetical husband and wife went to bed, with hypothetical whining puppy not wanting to go to his bed. Hypothetical puppy might have woken up a few hours later. Hypothetical wife took him to potty outside. Hypothetical husband slept through this, of course. Hypothetical puppy woke up an hour later ready to start the day. Hypothetical wife was not ready to start the day but couldn't sleep because hypothetical puppy wanted out of his hypothetical crate. Hypothetical husband again slept through this. Wife, still tired, got out of bed, played with puppy and started the day–much, much earlier than planned–with hypothetical husband again sleeping through everything. But this is a hypothetical situation, so of course, it didn't happen.



Yesterday was one of those less than ideal starts to a day. As cute and sweet as he is, Harley kept asking for my attention while I was trying to get ready, I dropped my unopened applesauce (part of my lunch) on the kitchen floor and it exploded, I needed to stop at the post office before going into work so I was feeling rushed to get to the office, and on top of that, I was running late.

Needless to say, I was feeling overwhelmed. I have alwaysand obviously still doput pressure on myself to be on time, have perfect attendance and not have anyone question where I am. That's why throughout college, I probably only skipped one or two classesever. I just couldn't bring myself to miss a class on purpose because what if someone wondered where I was? What if I missed something important?

After I rushed my overwhelmed and irritated self into the car, I felt like God started talking to me. I don't get this feeling very often where I feel like I can actually hear God, but I did yesterday morning.

"Were you able to finish getting ready?"


"Was the applesauce cleaned up off the floor and a new one added to your lunch?"


"Are you on your way to mail this package so it'll arrive in time for your mom's birthday?"


"Will you realistically only be about 5-10 minutes later than usual to work? Aren't you always on time?"

Yes and yes.

"Then relax. Calm down. Everything is working out just fine. You don't need to worry about anything. I've got this."

I felt like God kind of put things in perspective for me. Like He said, everything got done. Everything was fine. Everything was going to work out. So there was no need to get overwhelmed and irritated in the process of it all. And things do always work out
in one way or another. Things might not always go as I plan (I didn't expect I'd be cleaning up applesauce that morning), but things will work out as they should because God plans them that way.


Christmas and More

We are not lacking in the Christmas tree department anymore. While we were visiting my family for the holidays, Jason and I stopped at a little Christmas shop and found the perfect tree! It's exactly what we were looking for: 9 feet tall and slim with white lights. Now we're just lacking in the Christmas ornament department, but those will be fun to buy!

Unfortunately, we didn't take a single picture at Christmas or New Year's. I know, we're really bad about that. We had Christmas with Jason's parents the week of Christmas, and then went to Dallas for Christmas with my family. While we were there, we hung out with my mom's side and dad's side of the family. It was so nice to see everyone!

There was, however, a pretty intense game of Battle of the Sexes with my mom's side of the family. We all got together a few times while Jason and I were in town. During one of those times, we played with the regular Battle of the Sexes cards. After we went through all of the cards, we decided to kick it up a notch at the next get-together. So we all had a week to come up with the hardest questions we could think of (or find online!). Of course the guys gave the girls a lot of historical and construction questions. Jason kindly threw in a few GMAT questions that none of the girls could get. And the girls gave the guys several undergarment, feminine hygiene and fashion questions. It was a pretty crazy game!

I'm reading Eat, Pray, Love right now.

I'm trying so hard to love it, but I just don't yet. I'm nearing the end of the first part (still in Italy), and while I enjoy the book, I don't constantly desire to read it like I wish I did. I want to love it, but there's no love there. Just like.

Remember the tags we made and put in Hodgepodge Design to sell?

They're actually selling! Dinah is going to continue to keep them in her store and sell them throughout the year. I'm hoping we can also make some new products to add to her store this year!