Yesterday was one of those less than ideal starts to a day. As cute and sweet as he is, Harley kept asking for my attention while I was trying to get ready, I dropped my unopened applesauce (part of my lunch) on the kitchen floor and it exploded, I needed to stop at the post office before going into work so I was feeling rushed to get to the office, and on top of that, I was running late.

Needless to say, I was feeling overwhelmed. I have alwaysand obviously still doput pressure on myself to be on time, have perfect attendance and not have anyone question where I am. That's why throughout college, I probably only skipped one or two classesever. I just couldn't bring myself to miss a class on purpose because what if someone wondered where I was? What if I missed something important?

After I rushed my overwhelmed and irritated self into the car, I felt like God started talking to me. I don't get this feeling very often where I feel like I can actually hear God, but I did yesterday morning.

"Were you able to finish getting ready?"


"Was the applesauce cleaned up off the floor and a new one added to your lunch?"


"Are you on your way to mail this package so it'll arrive in time for your mom's birthday?"


"Will you realistically only be about 5-10 minutes later than usual to work? Aren't you always on time?"

Yes and yes.

"Then relax. Calm down. Everything is working out just fine. You don't need to worry about anything. I've got this."

I felt like God kind of put things in perspective for me. Like He said, everything got done. Everything was fine. Everything was going to work out. So there was no need to get overwhelmed and irritated in the process of it all. And things do always work out
in one way or another. Things might not always go as I plan (I didn't expect I'd be cleaning up applesauce that morning), but things will work out as they should because God plans them that way.

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